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It's never too late to START living WELL

Meditating by the Pool

Tips for Living a Healthy LIFESTYLE

Living a healthy lifestyle is paramount to achieving optimal health.

- Stay away from toxins like cigarettes, herbicides and pesticides, and toxic chemicals in personal care and cleaning products.

- Practice stress reducing activities like yoga, tai chi, meditation or deep breathing.

- Get outside - connect with nature, everyday, and get moving. Regular exercise is essential for good health and longevity.

- Get your lymphatic system moving and removing toxins by walking/exercising regularly, drinking enough water, dry skin brushing or saunas

- Get enough good quality sleep.


We all know the obvious benefits of regular exercise:

- Increase in overall energy levels

- Proven positive effect on mood

- combined with diet, promotes a lean, strong body and burns fat

But regular exercise does SO much more! Some of the benefits include:

- Increased flexibility and range of joint motion - lessens chance of injury

- enhances posture and improves balance

- Strengthens heart function, lowers blood pressure and helps lower total blood cholesterol and triglyceride

- Improves digestion, elimination and immune function

- helps reduce tension and anxiety - actually improves your ability to handle stress

- Improves sleep

So get out there - go for a walk with a friend, play an active game with your kids, take up a new something you love and do it often!

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