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Thanks for stopping by. My name is Tara Taylor and I am the owner/operator of Restored Vitality. I am Holistic Nutrition Practitioner with a special interest in hormone and digestive health.

Before I get to know a little bit (okay, probably a lot) about you to help kickstart your journey to feeling great, you should know a little bit about me! I have BSc in Marine Biology and have worked as an Ocean Conservation Professional for most of my career, but due to cross country moves, a new family and my own health issues I decided to follow my passion and desire to help people and start a new career in Holistic Health - I haven't looked back! Read on below....

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My Story

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As I mentioned, I have spent the bulk of my professional career as a marine biologist/ocean conservation professional and when we made the move to small town Ontario to be closer to family and raise our own young family, I knew I had to make a change. What was I going to be when I grew up?


A few years after we moved back my mother was diagnosed with terminal cancer. Although there was little hope of a different diagnosis at that point, I dove into holistic and nutritional support for cancer patients. After surgery to try to remove her cancer, she was so weak, so frail. We changed her diet and made some lifestyle changes and added some supplemental nutrients - and the change we saw was amazing. She spent the rest of her time with us with a restored vitality I thought we wouldn’t see again. She was out walking daily (even wanting to lift some weights), going to her grand daughter’s soccer games, having big family dinners with us. It was such a gift. And when she passed, I was really inspired to pursue a career helping people feel the best that they can feel, whatever stage of life they are in. I wholeheartedly felt Holistic Nutrition was the way to do that. So my journey began.


Personally, I have dealt with hypoglycemia all of my life and had always thought that was just something I had. And I wondered, as it runs in my family, would it turn into diabetes eventually? I was comfortably into my mid-40s, and as the clock started ticking towards the dreaded “change” my energy levels started to drop – by the time I sat down to dinner I was done. And afterwards I needed to go and hang out on the couch until bedtime. No walks or outside adventures with the kids, no after dinner activities at all; I could rarely find the energy to clean up the dishes. My mood started to fluctuate like crazy (my poor family!) and my cravings were out of control – I NEEDED those chips at 9pm!! And my weight was slowly creeping up to an unhealthy number.


But I thought…I seriously thought…Oh well, this is aging. This is what approaching 50 is supposed to feel like.


Well, NO, it isn’t!!


During my educational journey, my first case study was me. And, well, the changes I made for me and for my family probably saved me. It definitely saved my quality of life. My energy came right back and I am not done for the day until I am ready for bed. My mood started to balance out – ask my kids, they saw a serious change 😊 I feel strong and balanced, am finally a healthy weight and haven’t had a blood sugar dip since I started my PLAN over 3 years ago.  My cravings are gone (for the most part) and I don’t need to eat after dinner. My body feels strong, and I swear I feel 10, maybe 15 years younger.


I took this very seriously and made some significant changes to my DIET, my LIFESTYLE and I now take a vast array of dietary SUPPLEMENTS, but I wouldn’t change it and I am not going back!


It wasn’t all easy – but it was all worth it.

Get in touch if this sounds like you and you want to take steps to change the path you are on!

Tara Taylor, BSc. H.N.P

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