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You are not Alone!

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Feelin' Fabulous this Fall! 10 Day Clean Eating Group Program

When: Wednesday, September 28th to Friday, October 7th, 2022

Join us for 10 days of Clean Eating (whole foods, no sugar, no processed foods), lots of clean water, daily movement and mindfulness goals.

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You will get:

- A detailed plan of what to eat, what not to eat along with water intake, movement and mindfulness goals and targets,

- Meal Plan suggestions, recipes and shopping lists

- Daily check ins and access to the group chat to talk with others in the program about challenges, suggestions, recipe ideas and to basically cheer each other on!

- Supplement suggestions and discounts (optional)

- Support, Resources and Tips and Tricks to help along the way.

- More energy, less sugar cravings, more stable mood, better digestion:)

BONUS - a low GI, Clean Foods Thanksgiving Meal Plan with recipes!

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