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Live and Dried Blood Analysis

What is your blood trying to tell you?


Live Cell Blood Analysis is a simple, yet accurate tool to see how your blood behaves in the body - how clean the plasma is and if there are signs of degeneration. It gives us an idea of the quality of our blood as opposed to regular lab tests that take a more quantitative approach.


We will take a drop of your blood (with a simple finger prick using a disposable lancet) and put it on a slide. Then we use a dark field microscope attached to a monitor (so you can see it too) and alalyze your blood. This tool can indiacte the following:

Dehydration (low energy, poor concentration)• Acidity and dysregulation (which can lead to poor health)• Lack of enzyme factor (not digesting leading to excess weight, allergies, poor nutrition)• Poor fat intake or digestion, excess fat circulation• Poor red blood cell formation (lack of oxygen & energy)• Liver stress or congestion• Bowel toxicity• Thyroid imbalance • Hormonal Imbalance (mood swings, headaches, PMS)• Heavy metals, chemical load• Plaque, platelet aggregation (poor blood flow)• Fermentation (from too many carbohydrates or sugars)• Poor motility of white blood cells (Important for immune system)• Basophils (a sign of allergic response)


Live and Dried Blood Analysis - 60 min - Analysis, report and general recommendations


Live and Dried Blood Analysis and Full Nutrition Plan - 60 min - Analysis, report and detailed recommendations including daily plans, meal plans and recipes

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