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Common Health Issues

There are so many areas where we may need some extra support - some are very common and some are a little more unique. Two of the most common issues and truthfully, the cause of so many of our symptoms and complaints are Imbalanced Hormones and Poor Digestions and Gut Health. 

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Poor Digestion & Gut Health

Having a well-balanced, optimally functioning digestive system is really key to good health and where most holistic practitioners will start when working with clients. Poor digestion can also be linked to adrenal fatigue and chronic allergies. 

It really all starts with digestion.


If you are not able to utilize the nutrients from what you are consuming, you could be eating the best, most wholesome diet and taking high quality supplements and it wouldn't matter. So, it really all needs to start here! 

Help heal and support your gut and improve digestion so everything is running smoothly.

Upset Stomach

Hormone Health

Hormonal Imbalance is often tied to a weakness of the endocrine system or one of its glands - pituitary, thyroid, adrenal, ovaries/testes etc..

The Endocrine system is the interface between emotions and the body - 8 glands and 28 hormones make up this system.

Hormones are chemical messenger molecules that carry information – they regulate growth, metabolism, secretions of other glands, development of reproductive organs, sex characteristics and libido and the ability to handle stress and resist disease. 

So when we are out of balance we can not have optimal health. If you feel that you might need support in this area, I would love to help.

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Hormone health

Healthy Aging

We naturally begin to lose things as we age. Nutrients like CoQ10, B12 levels, Chromium levels, collagen and elastin, DHEA levels all decline with age. We lose bone density and muscle mass. Our thymus begins to shrink and our thymus hormone levels decrease. HCL (the stomach acid key to optimal digestion) levels drop after the age of 40.


It doesn't sound good.

But how you age is up to you.

Preventative medicine, like a healthy diet and lifestyle and tailored supplements to your age and individual needs, need to be taken more seriously and needs to be practiced on a regular basis.


How do you want to age?

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Healthy Aging
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