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Living Well

Do you want more ENERGY, a balanced, even-keel MOOD, good BLOOD SUGAR control or balanced HORMONES?

Do you want to AGE - the healthiest way you can, balance premenopausal or premenstrual HORMONES, have better DIGESTION (feel less gassy, bloated, gross after you eat), be more ‘regular’?

Do you want a more healthy relationship with FOOD and with EATING?


Do you just want to FEEL BETTER?

My name is Tara Taylor, Holistic Nutrition Practitioner and Live Cell Microscopist at Restored Vitality.


Let me help you feel your best!

Areas of Focus

Women Practicing Yoga Outdoor

Hormone Health

Menopausal? Suffering from PMS? Trying to conceive?

Do you suffer from Adrenal fatigue, high cortisol or dysfunctional thyroid?

Support and balance of your hormones is key to optimal health at any stage of life.


Image by Jannes Jacobs

Digestion and Gut Health

Bloated, gassy, constipated?

Do you suffer from diarrhea or indigestion, or have a heavy, tired feeling after eating?

It might be time to get some support.


Active Senior Couple

Healthy Aging

Do you want to support brain health, and have good blood sugar control, balanced hormones, good gut health and strong , healthy bones?

Is a healthy heart and good blood pressure important to you?

Do you want to enjoy increased energy and a strong immune system as you age?


My hormones were all over the place and I was terrified of menopause and the symptoms associated with it. After working with Tara, I feel balanced and grounded. My mind is clear and I have tons more energy. I feel great!

Janet, 48

***The information presented on is for educational purposes only. Restored Vitality does not diagnose or treat disease, rather work to improve your nutrition and support any weaknesses or systems out of balance***

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