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You don't have to do this Alone!

Feel Fabulous this FALL! 10 Day Clean Eating Group Program

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Program Details and Registration Info coming soon...

Join us! Let's clean up our eating, hydrate our bodies and get moving! Get our digestive systems moving and working optimally, get our lymphatic systems moving and our Chi (life force) flowing. We need to support our livers to clean out all the toxins that have been accumulating and have no where to go.

You can do it!

When: Stay tuned for dates!

What: A 10 Day Group Program – Focusing on Clean Eating (whole, nutrient dense, yummy food), lots of water and daily movement & mindfulness with lots of guidance, resources, support and accountability!

Where: Anywhere. You can be 1000 km away and still join and benefit from this program

Why (just to name a few reasons):

- More Energy and focus

- Better Digestion

- Less achy, headachy and tired

- A kick start to your metabolism and weight loss (if that is a goal)

Family Dinner

What you get:

- 10 Day Whole Food Diet Plan (do’s and don’ts of clean eating)

- 10 Day suggested meal plan (or guide to create your own plan) with lots of great recipes and tips

- Facebook group for support, check ins and daily tips

- Email support from me (questions, ask away!) for the duration of the program

- Lifestyle recommendations – daily movement and mindfulness goals

- Supplement suggestions and recommendations (optional)

- 10% to 20% off professional brand supplements for the month of February

Support, Support, Support! Accountability, Resources and Results.

BONUS – Menu and recipes for a healthy, but yummy Thanksgiving feast!

How Much? - $40 Investment in you!

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