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We often need supplemental HELP to support our bodies and keep our systems in Balance


Why Use Supplements?

Did you know that even if you ate the perfect, wholesome diet of all 8-10 servings of organic fruits and vegetables, no refined sugars or processed foods, omega 3 rich foods and good fats, whole grains and tons of dietary fibre etc., etc., EVERY DAY, you still could not get all of the nutrients that your body requires?

Plus, the current ways we grow, harvest and transport food and the mineral deficient state of our soils, along with the heightened stress in our lives and the toxins and chemicals in our modern world, all make it necessary for us to help boost our diets with good quality dietary supplements.

But What do I need?

It is good to work with a professional to find out what your body needs based on your unique biochemistry, your current diet and lifestyle habits as well as any current weaknesses, deficiencies or imbalances you might have.


All of the protocols will include good quality supplements based on individual needs. Some may only be needed for a short time to correct deficiencies and some may become part of a healthy, daily routine.

Many people will benefit from:

1. A good quality, broad spectrum Multivitamin and Mineral supplement

2. A high quality fish oil/omega 3 supplement

3. Plant-based Antioxidants

4. Vitamin D3 

Many will also benefit from good quality probiotics and Vitamin C

Book a session with me to find out what may be of benefit to you.​

For more detail see the Blog Post - To Supplement or Not to Supplement...

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