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A few of my Favourite things...My 4 Favourite Healthy(ish) Christmas Cookie Recipes

Updated: Dec 5, 2021

Baking season is definitely in full swing and as we approach the holidays, cookies of every kind will be baked in kitchens across the country - my kitchen is no exception! Gingerbread, Sugar, Chocolate Chip, mouth is watering already! Unfortunately, traditional cookies are full of sugar and other ingredients that might not make us all feel that great this season. And who wants to feel crappy during the holidays? I have compiled a list of 4 of my favourite healthy(er) Christmas Cookies with some ideas of how to modify to make a more tummy-friendly cookie for your and your family - without skipping on the taste!

There is nothing better than getting the old family cookbooks out or in this day an age, the old Pinterest Holiday board, don your Christmas apron an