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What is a "Healthy Diet"? Can I have Fries with that?

Updated: Nov 9, 2021

Probably not, but worth asking and actually that all depends...are they home made? Which oil did you use to make them? Are they air fried? Did you use organic potatoes? Do you have an aversion to potatoes? How many are you having? Complicated, right?

And well, what is a healthy diet anyway?

For one person it may be avoiding sugary foods. For another it might be eating more #plantbased foods and less meat. For others it may be to avoid all dairy and gluten. For the keto follower it may be to avoid grains and starches and reach for more cheese and coconut oil. Others may say to eat the rainbow and make sure it is all #organic!

Eat less fat, eat more fats, eat no meat, increase your protein, don't eat eggs, eggs are can all be so confusing! There are so many different approaches all marketed to us as the best way to eat.