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Soy Meditation Candles

Calm the mind, soothe the spirit

Non-toxic, 100% Soy, Cotton core wicks, Natural scents (no phthalates)

Each Candle contains a healing crystal and either one word to focus on or an affirmation to help you clear your mind and set positive intentions.

Pure Soy Candles - Cotton Core Wicks - Natural Scents - Healing Crystals

New Year Collection

8oz Candles available:



    Rose Quartz - Rose quartz scent

    Clear Quartz - Sandalwood


    Citrine - Sweet Orange, Peppermint or Unscented

    Blue Howlite - Peppermint


    Green Quartz - Citrus Balsam or Peppermint

    Red Tiger's Eye - Cinnamon or Spiced Vanilla

Buy 1 for $20, Save on 2 for $30

Please email to order  *while supplies last*

Porch pick up west side of Trenton