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Plans Offered

Healthy Start Plan

Kick start your health. This plan is perfect for those with 1 or 2 issues they want to work on. Over 3 months (3 sessions) we will develop a personalized plan to get you on your path to optimal health. more details

Healthy Aging Plan

Are you worried about how your biological age might be affecting your health, your vitality, your mind? Over 2 months (2 sessions) we will design a plan tailored to your needs to help you age the best way you can. more details

Restored Vitality Plan

Our Signature and most popular plan is perfect for either those with more than a couple of areas in need of support or who require that extra bit of support implementing their protocols and staying on track. Over 5 months (5 sessions) we will work together to restore your vitality and get you living your best life! more details

Hormone Health Plan

Are you approaching menopause and worried that the Change might wreak havoc on your life, or deal with nasty PMS issues. Or do you just feel like your hormones are way out of whack? This could be the help you need. Over 2 months (2 sessions) we will work to give you the tools to help balance your hormones and help you feel like you again. more details

Comprehensive Health Plan

This Papa Bear Plan is geared towards those with multiple systems out of balance and who require more support over time. Over 8 months (7 sessions) we will take a deep dive into what factors are contributing to your imbalances and work step by step to correct and support them. more details

Add on Sessions

If you have purchased and completed a plan and still feel like you could benefit from more guidance, support and time, you can always add on a session (and an extra 1 month of support).


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